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Rabbi Lapin: Which are more important -- your values or your feelings?


In this excerpt from his full podcast (which you can find here on Soundcloud) Rabbi Lapin explains why he would much rather you were insincerely kind than cruel in all sincerity.

"You're going to need a little help absorbing this nugget of ancient Jewish wisdom that I'm going to impart to you today," quipped Rabbi Lapin, "Here it is: sincerity is vastly over rated."

He goes on to explain that it is better to be true to your values than to your feelings. Why? Simply because we sometimes have feelings we shouldn't. "We feel ways in which we shouldn't. We feel anger or hostility toward people we should love. We feel desire for things that we shouldn't. Acting on those feelings would be appalling, absolutely horrible," said Rabbi Lapin. "In fact the entire world of international diplomacy functions on not being sincere, but on being polite."

Listen to the podcast above to get the full scoop.

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