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Salcedo: Reagan was criticized for his rhetoric, too

Chris Salcedo
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Republican strategist Rick Wilson appeared on CNN Tuesday and criticized President Donald Trump’s rhetoric toward North Korea after reports surfaced that they now have the capacity to miniaturize warheads to fit on intercontinental ballistic missiles.  

Wilson said in regard to the Trump’s “fire and fury” comment that “he shot from the lip because he is ignorant of history, he is ignorant of strategy, he is ignorant of diplomacy, and he certainly ignorant of the use of deterrence in nuclear warfare.”

Chris Salcedo countered Wilson’s assessment of the president’s wording on "The Chris Salcedo Show" today with former president Ronald Reagan’s speech of October 1964, addressing the nuclear threat from the Soviet Union, specifically what we can learn from history:

"Every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face - that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight and surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand -- the ultimatum."

As a contrast, Chris pointed to former president Bill Clinton's 1994 deal with North Korea as an example of appeasement. He said the "so-called smart people" made choices like offering billions of American taxpayer dollars to North Korea -- with the promise they would not use nuclear energy fuel to develop weapons.

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