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Saudi Arabia has a new crown prince, which could mean changes in relations with the US

Photo by Nicolas Asfouri - Pool/Getty Images

Mohammed bin Salman is the new crown prince of Saudi Arabia. At 31 years old, the son of the aging king joins a growing group of younger world leaders poised to change how the Middle East does business and diplomacy with the West.

Gerald Posner, author of “Secrets of the Kingdom,” explained the significance of this and other quiet, “dramatic changes” to Mike Opelka on today’s “Pure Opelka.” This crown prince, frequently referred to in the press as MBS, is the first crown prince to have been educated entirely in Saudi Arabia -- not in the West like his predecessors.

Rather than producing a more conservative Muslim, his education has inspired MBS to embrace new technology and business ventures. Despite being from an oil rich nation and making a deal that will net another $100 billion for oil company Saudi Aramco, he is embracing green technologies like solar and wind power, and has a keen interest in Tesla.

Mohammed bin Salman's elevation to crown prince over the king's nephew,  57-year-old Mohammed bin Nayaf, has raised some eyebrows, particularly in the West, which had a good relationship with Nayaf. There are even reports that he is now under house arrest.

MBS also seemed to be everywhere during President Donald Trump's recent visit to his country. Posner said that Saudi Arabia tends to side with whomever they think might win in any brewing conflicts, but at this time, this ambitious young leader seems to be ingratiating himself with the United States.

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