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Senior Russian politician: You should be glad we’re in Syria

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-United States President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner along with Trump's peace envoy Jason Greenblatt met with Abbas to 'reaffirm their commitment to advancing president trump's goal of a genuine and lasting peace'. Tensions reportedly rose between U.S. and Palestinians over incitement.

-The chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Parliament, Konstantin Kosa-Chev, is in Israel and tells Israel that Iran has a right to bilateral relations with Assad and that Israel should be glad Russia is in Syria.

-King Salman of Saudi Arabia has named a new heir, the 31 year old Muhammad Bin Salman, whose been known for his hawkish, anti-Iran foreign policy.

-Rabbi Gilad Kariv, Executive Director of The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism, Lesley Sachs, Executive Director of Women of The Wall, Rabbi David Fendel, Dean of Yeshivat Hesder, and Rabbi Seth Farber, Modern Orthodox Rabbi and historian spoke at ILTV studio to discuss why the Israeli Supreme Court's order to facilitate the construction of the egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall has been put on hold.

-The Jerusalem Magistrate's court has ruled that the practice of asking female passengers to move seats on the airplane when Haredi, or ultra-Orthodox men don’t want to sit with them as discriminatory against the female gender.

-Thousands of people protested in downtown Jerusalem, demanding that the government acknowledge that Yemenite kids in the 1950s were abducted used for medical experimentation.

-Forty-eight Israeli Defense Force soldiers were court-martialed for faking a skin disease in order to get medical leave.

-Hundreds of people poured into Tel-Aviv’s Rabin Square yesterday for an incredible demonstration of international respect and celebration of the third annual International Yoga Day.

-Eitan Attir, CEO of the Milk and Honey Distillery spoke at the ILTV studio about the brand new distillery in Tel Aviv that has just produced the first ever Israeli whiskey.

-California girl Shira Futornick raised $50,000 dollars from her bat mitzvah and is donating the money to Arava Center for Agriculture in Israel.

The Hebrew word of the day is TIRGUL, written תרגול, which means " a practice."

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