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Stu Burguiere calls for end to April Fools' Day

Pat and Stu
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Monday on "Pat & Stu," the guys discussed their ambivalence about April Fools' Day, which took place over the weekend. Pat Gray referred to the amusing prank pulled by the Russian embassy to the UK, while Stu Burguiere called for an end to the holiday altogether.

"Lots of bad efforts. I think it's time to shut the holiday down," Stu said, "It's not a holiday, obviously, but I think it's time. I've never been a big April Fools' Day fan. Sometimes people will do cute things... We're at the point though where it's time to shut it down."

The guys then discussed Nabisco's announcement that they are launching a new line of Oreos featuring only the creme filling, with no pesky cookie getting in the way. The announcement sparked extensive debate on the Internet regarding both the veracity and wisdom of the new product.

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