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Study: 'Fewer women entering IT drives the underrepresentation problem' -- not sexism

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In light of Google firing an engineer who debunked their diversity initiative, a study from 2008 highlighted key differences as to why there are more men than women in IT. The authors said the key to understanding “why women are so underrepresented in the IT profession begins with the reasons for a person entering the profession in the first place.” And there were big differences.

The non-ideological study found:

 “Men and women share some but not all motivations for entering IT. Both groups cited opportunity for job autonomy, advancement, task variety, professional prestige, income, using state of the art equipment, and gratifying work. There were also notable differences; for example, men were significantly more likely than women to identify “love of technology/computers” as a key motivator. Women, on the other hand, more often indicated that “job security,” “ease of entry,” and “flexible work hours” were primary reasons for entering the profession.”

Today on “Pat & Stu” the guys discussed the findings and questioned why liberals can’t accept the fact that men and women are different and there’s nothing inherently bad about that.

“Men barely care about it [flexible work hours]. Four out of seven,” said Pat Gray, referencing the study. “And flexible working hours women want, because -- I’m about to go out on a limb here – they may be nurturers and may be taking care of children as well.”

“O-o-o-h! Oh, I see!” said Stu Burguiere. “So, let’s just go a little step further here and say that you think that women can only be “real” women when they have children, like Serena Williams, that hardcore conservative.”

The study also found, “This pattern of results suggests that factors in the work itself are more important in the career decision making of male IT professionals, while factors around the job (such as flexible hours) are more important in the decision making of female IT professionals.”

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