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The Alt-right has turned on Trump

Glenn Beck
An extreme close-up of a keyboard, focused on the shift key which now says "change" and has a red map of the world. (Shane_D_Rymer/gettyimages)

According to the National Security Council, US intelligence on Syria included intercepted communications, satellite imagery and forensic analysis of the victims who died in the chemical weapons attack in Syria. On "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" this morning, Glenn Beck talked about the latest news on Syria coming from US intelligence and Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

“Our National Security Council and Gen. Mattis dropped a Texas-sized truth bomb yesterday,” Glenn described. “[He said] there is no doubt that the Syrian regime is responsible for the decision to attack and for the attack itself [on April 4].”

Beck praised the Secretary of Defense as a straight shooter:

“Mattis is not a politician. Straight-talking, no nonsense Marine who is probably the most-respected military general in the past five years. If he comes out and says, ‘This is the way it is,’ that’s a pretty big statement.”

Glenn also pointed out an interesting side effect of the U.S missile attack on a Syrian air base: a key part of President Donald Trump’s base is not happy.

“[The US missile attack on Syria] has completely re-shuffled both domestic and international politics. The alt-right has fully turned on Donald Trump. When you’ve lost InfoWars, you know something is happening.”

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