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The latest from Israel: Fatah, Hamas talks underway in Cairo


Fatah, Hamas Talks Underway In Cairo

The PA Fatah party is now entering talks with its rival Hamas in Cairo, hoping to seal the deal for a Palestinian unity deal.


Iran Tried To Buy Nuke Tech 32 Times In 2016

German intelligence has gathered that Iran has gone around the terms of the deal dozens of times in 2016 alone and attempted to obtain nuclear technology at least thirty-two times.


Israel Busts Hamas Army Boots Hidden In Slippers

Israeli crossing guards just discovered a massive shipment of army boots en route to the Hamas army, carefully disguised in a shipment of fluffy, emoji-faced footwear.


When ISIS Is Destroyed… What Comes Next?

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar Ilan University speaking at ILTV studio about ISIS.


Al Jazeera Confirms Undercover Sting Operation

Al Jazeera has just made a controversial announcement, confirming that it’s planted an undercover reporter in American organizations that are pro-Israel. The Arab media group intends to air a documentary filmed during the undercover work.


Israeli Soccer Fan Arrested At World Cup Qualifier

Israeli soccer fan ran onto the field post-game, after Israel lost against Spain's national soccer team, and approached some Spanish players with a knife in his hands.


Thousands Converge For Western Wall Prayer

Thousands have just gathered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem to perform the sacred priestly blessing. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin opened his Sukkah to over six thousand Israelis from all over the country.


The Remaining Days Of Sukkot

Rabbi Ronen Neuwirth, President of Ve’ahavta TLV Jewish Experience speaking at ILTV studio about the holiday of Sukkot.


Israeli Team Chosen To Lead Nano-Tech Project

An Israeli team has just been chosen to lead a huge European Union research project to monitor the impact of cell therapy, utilizing un-pioneered developments in nano-particles.


Bollywood Movie Filmed In Tel Aviv

For the first time, Bollywood movie will be filmed in Israel for an action-comedy film named "Drive".


Top 5 Actors/Actresses You Didn’t Know Are Israeli

ILTV's Emanuelle Kadosh bringing the top 5 actors/actresses that are Israeli.


Hebrew word Of The Day: MA’ARITZ | מעריץ = FAN / ADMIRER

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "ma'aritz" which means "fan/admirer"


The Weather Forecast

Tonight will be clear to partly cloudy with a low of sixty-seven or nineteen degrees Celsius. Tomorrow you can expect a slight rise in temperatures with a high of eighty or twenty-seven degrees Celsius.

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