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The latest from Israel: Hamas to dissolve Gaza admin; begin unity talks

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Hamas To Dissolve Gaza Admin; Begin Unity Talks

Hamas has announced that it will dismantle its administration in Gaza and re-open elections there, paving the way for unity talks with the Palestinian Authority.

Israel & Mexico Begin New Economic Cooperation

Prime Minister Netanyahu has just finished up a historic tour to Latin America. Israel in Mexico will begin new economic development in the future.

Netanyahu Preps For U.N.G.A. Summit

Prime Minister Netanyahu is preparing his address to the United Nations for Tuesday and is outlining a proposal that he hopes will convince the White House to take the Iranian threat more seriously.

The Legitimacy Of A Future Kurdish State

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar Ilan University speaking at ILTV studio to discuss the referendum scheduled for Sep. 25th for establishing a new Kurdish country.

Shas M.K. Resigns After Attending A Gay Wedding

A Knesset member from the ultra-Orthodox Shas party has resigned after coming under fire for attending the wedding of his gay nephew.

World Marks 1 Year Since Shimon Peres’ Death

On Thursday, dozens of world leaders gathered in Jerusalem to attend Israel’s official state memorial service for President Peres.

Israeli Robotics Firm Leads The Way In Autonomy

Zvi Neta, Director and Co-Founder of Automotive Robotic Industries speaking at ILTV studio about Israeli company Automotive Robotic Industries that uses their innovations to complete complex missions and save lives.

‘Conan In Israel’ Special To Air This Week

Conan O’Brien has just dropped an exclusive first look at his “Conan in Israel” special, which airs in just two days on T.B.S.

Hebrew word Of The Day: SERUV | סֵרוּב = REFUSAL

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "seruv" which means "refusal"


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