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The latest from Israel: Three killed in terror attack near Jerusalem

(Photo by Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images)

3 Killed In Terror Attack Near Jerusalem

3 Israelis have been killed and another seriously injured in a shocking terror attack near Jerusalem. 37 year old Palestinian terrorist comes from West Bank village.


How The Har Adar Shooting Affects Us All

Dr. Martin Sherman, Founder & Executive Director of the IISS speaking at ILTV studio to discuss the deadly terrorist attack.


President Trump’s Peace Envoy Is Back In Israel

United States peace envoy Jason Greenblatt is in Israel to continue to try to restart peace talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis.


P.A. Prime Minister To Visit Gaza Next Week

The Palestinian Authority has announced a major move to unify Fatah and Hamas. Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah will arrive in the Gaza Strip next week in a rare and unifying visit.


Israel Works To Block P.A. Interpol Membership

Israel is actively trying to thwart the Palestinian’s latest request to join the Interpol. Vote to induct Palestinian Authority set to take place tomorrow.


P.M. Orders Silence On Kurdish Referendum

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has instructed his ministers to keep quiet on last night’s historic Kurdish referendum. Independent Kurdistan expected to receive the international ‘go-ahead’.


Iranian Ballistic Missile Test Was Faked

U.S. security officials have revealed to Fox News Channel that this weekend’s ballistic missile test was faked. Khorramshahr missile video was produced seven months ago.


Israel Welcomes Angela Merkel’s Election

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Angela Merkel's victory in Sunday night’s German election.


Yemenite Families Block The Streets Of Tel Aviv

The elderly parents and families of allegedly kidnapped Yemenite children took to the streets to rally for recognition of Yemenite kid kidnapping 70 years ago.


Jar Of Headless Toads Found In 4,000 Y.O. Tomb

Archaeologists in Israel have found the remains of several decapitated toads in a jar in a 4 thousand year old tomb.


Ever Wanted To Skinny Dip In The Ocean?

ILTV’S Emanuelle Kadosh talking about the latest project run by Israeli swimming champ Guy Barnea who encourages people to skinny dip.


Hebrew word Of The Day: BEGED-YAM | בגד ים = SWIMSUIT

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "begged-yam" which means "swimsuit"


The Weather Forecast

Tonight will be partly cloudy with a low of seventy-three or twenty-three degrees Celsius. Tomorrow you can expect little to no change in temperatures with a high of eighty-three or twenty-eight degrees Celsius.


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