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ZION News: At least 3 dead amid anti-regime protests in Iran

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Top five news stories of 2017

2017 has come to an end, here are the biggest headlines in Israel from the past year.


I.D.F. retaliates against Gaza rockets

Fresh rocket attacks from the Gaza strip have just been launched into Israeli territory. The rockets appear to have been directly targeting a ceremony near the Gaza border.


3 dead Amidst Anti-Regime protests in Iran

Intense Anti-Regime protests have erupted in Iran, the worst in the country in nearly a decade. At least three demonstrators have been killed by Iran’s revolutionary guard for protesting against the current government.


Asylum seekers from Africa

Israel is home to an incredibly diverse mix of people, so many different nationalities and religions all in one tiny country, but you may not realize that over forty thousand Asylum Seekers from Africa currently live here in Israel as well.


Innovations in the field of Inclusivity

Yael Elstein, Head Of Technology Center at Beit Issie Shapiro speaking at ILTV Studio about a non-profit focused on helping people with disabilities.


N.B.A. gets fouled over Palestine wording

Many have been crying ‘Foul’ over the N.B.A.’s controversial wording on its website, when the league listed the Palestinians territories as “occupied.”


Nearly 1 million Israelis have no credit card

Adv. Dana Hirschberg, CEO of Hirschberg Holdings speaking at ILTV Studio about the issue of people living in Israel that don’t have the ability to apply for a credit card.


Top 5 Israeli Startups of 2017

2017 saw a 110 percent increase in Israeli High-Tech exits, the average exit in 2017 was 106 million dollars, and here is the top five startups from Israeli's "Silicon Wadi".


Hebrew word Of The Day: FADICHA | פדיחה = EMBARRASSMENT

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Tabat" which means "Ring."


The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be partly cloudy with a chance of rain and a low of about fifty-one, or eleven degrees Celsius. Tomorrow you can expect a drop in temperatures and more local showers. The high will be about sixty-two, or seventeen degrees Celsius.

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