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The latest news from Israel: Israeli ambassadors now reportedly backing Saudi Arabia


Israel Now Reportedly Backing Saudi Arabia

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has told its ambassadors all over the world to start backing Saudi Arabia and begin diplomatic efforts against Iran and Hezbollah, as tensions mount between Lebanon and Saudis.


Hamas & P.A. Clash Over Gaza Border Crossings

About a week after Hamas handed over control of all Gaza border crossings to the Palestinian Authority, internal clashes between the Palestinian security forces are now threatening to derail the whole Palestinian unity deal.


Israeli President Asks Spain To Reject B.D.S.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is now in Spain, and has appealed to the Spanish Prime Minister to reject the B.D.S. boycott against Israel. His statements about “one Spain” seemed to have ignited controversy by aligning Israel against Catalonia’s bid for independence.


Kerry Blames Israel For Lack Of Peace

A leaked recording of former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry reveals him blaming the Israeli leadership for rejecting a two state solution and praising the Palestinians for “non-violence”.


Israelis Would Sooner Leave Than Pay For Housing

Amir Livneh, Sr. Consultant at Man Properties speaking at ILTV studio about the housing crisis and how the ongoing availability and affordability crisis can be solved.


Israeli Company Sues Apple Over Stolen Designs

An Israeli startup “Corephotonics” just sued apple accusing apple of infringing on four of its patents for smartphone cameras.


Knesset Member Accused, Again, Of Sexist Remarks

In the middle of a Knesset meeting, Likud M.K. Oren Hazan just called his fellow lawmaker too ugly to even be a prostitute.


Overcoming Adversity Through Art

Daniella Paz, artist and author of ‘River Blessings’ speaking at ILTV studio about overcoming adversity in her soon to be released book, 'River Blessings'.


3 Millionth Tourist Gets Surprise Tour Guide

A Romanian tourist, who is officially Israel’s three millionth visitor, was surprised with a personal tour in Jerusalem from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


American Cheesecake Factory Hits The Holy Land

Israeli cafe chain Cafe Saadi is bringing the U.S. based chain "Cheesecake Factory' confections to Israel.


Over 66 Years Of Support For The Holy Land

Head of Israel Bonds speaks to organization’s impact on Israel’s development.


Hebrew word Of The Day: UGAT G’VINAH | עוּגַת גְבִינָה = CHEESECAKE

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "ugat g'vinah" which means "cheesecake"


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