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The latest news from Israel: Report confirms Israel held secret talks with Cuba

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Japan’s Foreign Minister Visits Israel

Japan’s Foreign Minister has just met with PM Netanyahu here in Israel and invited both Netanyahu and Palestine President Abbas to Tokyo for peace talks. Israeli officers have already responded, saying they’ll happily attend, on the condition that the United States is also invited to the table.


'Breaking The Silence’ Case Reopened

A controversial case surrounding the pro-Palestinian group ‘Breaking the Silence’ has just been re-opened. Originally the court ruled that the group’s spokesman, who claimed he beat a Palestinian man while serving in the I.D.F, was lying. But ‘Breaking the Silence’ has released a video that appears to contradict the court’s decision.


Palestinians Plant Trees To Block Land Seizure

Palestinians have just launched a new project to plant thousands of trees throughout the disputed territory in the West Bank. The group says the effort is meant to prevent alleged illegal seizure of Palestinian-owned land by the Israeli government.


French Magazine Says Israel “Isn’t Real Country”

French children’s magazine Youpi is now pulling its January issue from the stands in France and Belgium after catching a text saying Israel isn’t a “real country.”


Epic Knesset Filibuster Gets Creative

The Knesset is set for a final vote on the controversial bill that would block police from recommending criminal indictments on cases they’re investigating. Opposition to this bill began a filibuster, bringing government work to a standstill.


The Rise And Fall Of ‘Better Place’

Brian Blum, author of ‘Totaled’ speaking at ILTV studio about the book "Totaled" that goes deep into the story of how a company "Better Place" went from star on the rise to crashing comet.


Cost Of Living Is Sky-High In Israel

An annual report has just declared Israel as one of the most expensive countries to live in among the world’s developed nations. Israel’s cost of living is twenty-three percent higher than the worldwide average.


Hospital A.I. System Helps Weigh Surgery Options

A revolutionary new artificial intelligence system in Israel's Hillel Yaffa Medical Center is designed to consider every element of a patient’s medical condition, both past and present, to help doctors determine whether or not to proceed with surgery.


Get Your Employees Naturally Motivated

Lee Sahar, Business Dev. & Strategy at Enerjoy speaking at ILTV studio about the Israeli startup "Enerjoy" that helps to keep the workforce happy and productive.


In 2015, Israel Held Secret Talks With Cuba

A bombshell new report has revealed that Israel and Cuba were working to rebuild relations after U.S. President Barack Obama re-opened diplomacy with Cuba in 2015.


Top Pianist Returns To Israel For Concert Series

Orit Wolf, concert pianist is returning to Israel to perform a series of concerts in English entitled music and muse.


Yes, Your Iphone Is Getting Slower

A group of Israelis have just filed a class action lawsuit suing Apple for not telling people that software updates slow down their phones.

Israeli App Makes Touch-Screens ‘Hands-Free’

A new Israeli app that lets quadriplegics operate their touch-screens without lifting a finger. With ‘Open Sesame,’ the paralyzed or immobile can use smartphones by themselves.


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