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The next generation is done with political correctness

Doc Thompson
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On "The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson," Doc Thompson talked about his experience last Friday working with the Dallas International Film Festival to teach local high school students about entertainment. Teaching on "theater of the mind" -- otherwise known as radio -- Doc was asked by one of the students what the future of entertainment would look like.

"Your generation, ... You have some particularly interesting and frustrating challenges when it comes to entertaining in the future and that is political correctness," Thompson said.

Doc pointed out that if you say anything that might be deemed "hurtful" or "not nice" that you will simply be shut down. As he was describing this, he noticed that the students were perking up and paying very close attention.

Not knowing if they were offended by or grateful for what he was saying, Doc decided to test the waters by bluntly telling them that the way to not be offended is: "Don't be offended." According to Thompson, the class erupted in cheering and clapping. After receiving the same reaction in each class, he drew the following conclusion:

"This generation that is following the Millennials do not want any of the political correctness. They don't want the safe spaces. In fact they're outwardly rebuking it."

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