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The origins of social justice would shock most SJWs today

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The term "social justice" has been co-opted by people who want the government to force equality on all people. But it was initially a Christian movement meant to address some profound social disparities -- without government intervention -- during the Industrial Revolution.

People used to the provincial life were uprooted and thrown into social chaos all over Europe. The Catholic church recognized a need to recover the ancient virtue of justice for the little guy, including children. Priorities included strengthening the family and re-dedication to the teachings of the Beatitudes.

The idea was to cooperate with each other in virtuous ways "so that the government doesn't take us over," explained Mike Slater on this weekend's "Mike Slater Show." Today's social justice warriors insist on more government control, turning the idea of personal growth through caring for others on its head.

Pope Leo XIII said, "It is impossible to reduce civil society to one dead level," such as the equality foisted on people by socialism. "An unequal fortune is a necessary result of unequal condition." Getting closer to God to endure or combat this is a far cry from getting closer to big government.

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