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The Pepsi ad succeeded in unifying people -- against Pepsi

Doc Thompson
(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

They say that no publicity is bad publicity. However, Pepsi may beg to disagree. The latest controversy to make its way around the internet is the ad Pepsi released and quickly pulled featuring Kendall Jenner. The ad features Jenner doing a photo shoot when a jovial group of protesters happen to pass by.

She catches the eye of an attractive man in the crowd, abandons the shoot in favor of the protest and grabs an ice-cold Pepsi out of a tub filled with the soft drink conveniently located along the road. Her intention in grabbing the drink is quickly realized when she walks directly up to a police officer and hands it to him, indicating reconciliation between protesters and the police.

Doc Thompson on "The Morning Blaze" dissected the ad and why the internet is united in its opposition to it.

"So Pepsi and Kendall Jenner, in an effort to be more diverse and bring people together, had a white girl tear off her blonde wig, and make a black girl hold it for her," Doc noted wryly.

The purpose of the ad was clearly to advocate for unity, and, as Thompson pointed out, they succeeded:

"They put this out there and Pepsi got hammered by everybody — left, right, pro-Trump, anti-Trump, feminists."

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