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This food delivery app is basically Uber for groceries

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Instacart is a delivery startup with the goal of doing your grocery shopping for you by sending employees to the store of your choice and bringing the groceries to your door.

The company has been partnering with Whole Foods Market with the goal of focusing on customers who want higher-end groceries; Instacart is also starting a partnership with Wegmans, a small East Coast grocery chain that is family-run and has a loyal following despite having fewer than 100 stores.

Instacart was Kal’s App of the Week on Thursday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.” The delivery service connects you with an Instacart employee who goes to your specific store, Kal Elsebai explained.

“This is actually a person who goes shopping for you,” he said.

Kal has been using the app, which charges a delivery fee based on order size and chosen delivery time, based on Stu Burguiere’s recommendation. Similar to Uber, almost anyone can become a personal shopper to work for Instacart as well – and yes, the service has “busy pricing” with hiked costs similar to Uber’s “surge pricing.”

Kal had told Kris Cruz to try out the app so they could talk about it on air; unfortunately, Kris forgot to do it until after midnight Thursday morning.

“I was supposed to be the guinea pig,” Kris noted.

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