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This is who will suffer the most from tougher prescription drug regulations

Pat and Stu
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According to a government study, American needs to quell rampant opioid prescribing and improve access to alternative pain management techniques. More than a third of adults in the United States report being prescribed addictive opioid medications and many admit to misusing the drugs.

"A very large proportion and large number of adults use these medications in a given year," said Dr. Wilson Compton, study author and deputy director of National Institute on Drug Abuse. "38 percent, or about 92 million people, used prescription opioids in 2015."

“But the pain-killers are not what’s killing people, it’s the heroin,” Jeffy Fisher pointed out on today’s “Pat & Stu.” “When the government [gets] involved, what’s going to happen is the people who go to their doctor because their back hurts, they’re the ones who are going to get screwed.”

“Ah, now we see where this is motivated from, he's worried about losing access to his pills,” joked Stu Burguiere. “But in reality … there are always negative consequences from the government trying to control something like this.”

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