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This service lets you see unlimited movies in theaters, and the price just dropped

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MoviePass, a subscription service that covers the price of unlimited movies in theaters for a monthly fee, has lowered its rates from $50 a month to just $10. Its risky business model is making theater chains uneasy, but is it a boon to moviegoers?

Jeffy Fisher had the story on this week’s episode of “The Jeff Fisher Show.” He pointed out that you can’t even take your family to the movie theaters once for only $50 and explained why theaters will still be getting plenty of money even with MoviePass.

With the new $10 model, you might get inside for “free,” but you’ll still be paying a lot of money for popcorn, drinks and candy. Jeffy lamented how expensive theater snacks can be, especially when theater employees entice you with the “savings” deals that involve upgrading to a larger popcorn for a “free” soda.

“That’ll only be $800! We saved you $250,” Jeffy joked.

While paying $10 a month for the ability to see a movie in theaters every day is a good deal, Jeffy thought that we need even easier access to new releases.

“How about you work on this: where you get the movies to be streamed to my home,” he said.

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