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This state is a prime example of the effects of socialism -- and now it wants to leave the US

Chris Salcedo
(Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images)

Conservatives have joked for years that California might as well be another country, but Shankar Singam told Tucker Carlson on Fox News Tuesday that it is, stating, "This is California. We're not the United States."

Singam, who is the vice president of the California Freedom Coalition and a proponent of Calexit, further explained, "Our values are different ... If it's good for the state, we're going to do it, regardless of what the federal law is."

Calexit is a movement in California that has extended up the coast to Oregon and Washington. It is predominantly made of up left leaning persons who wish to secede from the United States now that Donald Trump is president.

But as Cal State Fresno professor and life long Californian Victor Davis Hanson has pointed out to Carlson, "75 percent of the geography of California is red," where "all of the minerals, the oil, the agriculture is farmed or worked or mined by conservatives."

"It's Mississippi and Massachusetts in one state," he added as an example, referring to each state's widely differing demographics.

Chris Salcedo agreed on Friday's "Chris Salcedo Show," because he views California as a cautionary example of the effects of socialism. After the middle class are driven out, only the elites and the impoverished remain.

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