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TSA now wants to see these items outside of your bag

Doc Thompson

TSA screenings have recently become more invasive and at some key airports, it’s getting worse. The agency is reportedly asking passengers going through screenings to take books, magazines and food out of their carry-on bags to be screened separately.

The TSA claims that because people are cramming so much stuff into their carry-on items, X-ray machines can’t tell what’s in the bag anymore. Ten airports have been testing the more invasive screening method, including Boise Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Los Angeles International Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. On Thursday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Doc Thompson wondered if the government was trying to look at people’s reading material.

As someone who helped to screen items when he was in the military, Kris Cruz said there was no way that people are filling their bags too full to be X-rayed.

“If you get a Cosmopolitan and a Vogue in the same backpack, you’re done,” Kris said sarcastically.

Speaking of arbitrary TSA screenings, Kal Elsebai talked about his experiences of often being “chosen randomly” at airports for additional security measures. “It’s just so randomly random,” he quipped.

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