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Voters have advice for Trump: ‘Grow up,’ ignore the media

Glenn Beck
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Two callers had advice for President Donald Trump on Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

In a pronounced Bronx accent, Trish told Trump to get it together. “First of all, he’s gotta grow up,” she said. Life is hard for everyone, so it doesn’t help to be angry that people are criticizing you. Secondly, Trish advised Trump not to listen to the media or to Republicans who will undermine his agenda.

“These Republicans are akin to what used to be called Democrats,” she criticized, calling the GOP the lesser of two evils.

Caller Tim from Illinois protested the media’s criticism of Trump as the New York Times, the Washington Post, Reuters and other outlets report on leaks from the administration, saying that people, including Glenn Beck, are undermining the president’s authority.

“I do not question the office, and I certainly do not question that he is the legitimate president,” Glenn responded, noting that he focuses on critiquing the president’s actions rather than questioning his office.

The main issue with Trump is that he is an agent of chaos, Glenn averred. “It’s just going to get out of control” because Trump keeps saying more things that get him into trouble, he noted. But Trump’s lack of control isn’t a surprise despite his promises during the campaign that as president, he would change.

“We know that going in though,” Glenn said. “We knew this was going to happen.”

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