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We're already defeated': British correspondent discusses the aftermath of the Manchester attack

Chris Salcedo
JUSTIN TALLIS / Getty Images

Jack Buckby, the press officer for the British political party Liberty GB, joined Chris Salcedo today on "The Chris Salcedo Show" to discuss what is occurring in Britain in the wake of the Islamic State terror attack that killed 22 people and injured over a hundred more in Manchester, England, on Monday.

Buckby, who is the author of "A Paradoxical Alliance: An Anglo-American Analysis of the Left's Love Affair With Islam," said that despite the huge vigil in Manchester attended by thousands of people who claim they are not cowards, they are going to head to the polls in a couple of weeks and "vote for the Labour Party."

The Labour Party is left leaning and viewed as soft on illegal immigration. In America it seems the media urges viewers and readers to take a more liberal stance on such issues, but the author said the press is being aided by the police in Britain.

The Action Against Hate or Hate Crime Action Plan initiated in 2016 is "all very fair and decent and good," Buckby said, in that it was meant to combat real hate crimes. However, Scotland Yard only implements the law after a "trigger event" such as a terrorist attack.

This results in a seeming spike in hate crimes only after Islamic terror is perpetrated upon the British public. The press then report on all the "Muslims being attacked by the evil English people."

"We're already defeated," Buckby said in response to Prime Minster Theresa May's post-attack speech. He said she doesn't need to worry because she's surrounded by security, but the working class are the ones that have been affected for decades.

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