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What do people in your state hate most? This dating app made a map

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A dating app called Hater matches people on what they hate: sand, fidget spinners, NSYNC, K-cups. Based on their data, Hater created a map of the U.S. with the most-hated thing for each state.

What does your state hate the most? Doc Thompson and the guys checked out the map on Tuesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

Hater sorts matches for you based on a swiping system where you can touch or swipe to indicate what you like and what you hate, sometimes based on emoji reactions. Does something make you happy, sad, angry or confused? Let the app know, and it can try to match you with someone who hates the same things you do.

People in Ohio apparently really hate tying a tie, while Georgians hate tuna salad and Texans really don’t like sleeping with the windows open. Delaware has something against Casey Affleck, and if your dream date is tapas, don’t move to North Dakota. What about Washington, D.C.? The hard-hearted people living in the nation’s capital apparently hate the idea that everyone has a soulmate.

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