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What would a war with North Korea mean for the United States and the world?

Chris Salcedo
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North Korea reportedly has the capability to fit a miniaturized nuclear warhead into an intercontinental ballistic missile. The Washington Post, citing a confidential intelligence source, reported Tuesday that the nation is actually two years ahead of previous assessments of their missile technology.

TheBlaze's Doc Thompson jumped on "The Chris Salcedo Show" today after hearing the news, telling Chris Salcedo, "My heart skipped a beat." He believes the best case scenario involves catastrophic effects on the economies of South Korea and Japan. Chris agreed, imagining an additional significant stress on China's economy if they have an influx of refugees.

Thompson foresaw a cold war with North Korea that amounts to "delaying the inevitable." Kim Jong Un has not demonstrated a stable temperament and is not above blackmailing other nations, perhaps to end the sanctions recently imposed on them by the United Nations.

They discussed how the human costs of a war could reach in the tens of thousands, to say nothing of the impact North Korean brain washing has had on its people. Thompson referenced the story of a young woman who escaped, only to need months of deprogramming to understand how her government lied to her.

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