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Will Californians vote to split into two separate states in 2018? It's very possible

Calexit - California is secede From USA. State flag of USA and California republic. California Independence Campaign. Vector illustration. Broken flag of USA. (Anastasiia_M/gettyimages)

There's a movement in California that you may not have heard about intended to split the state in two. Nigel Farage and Aaron Banks, the so-called "Bad Boys of Brexit," have been brought in to lend their expertise to the campaign which -- if you haven't guessed already -- is called "Calexit."

TheBlaze Radio host Mike Slater discussed the likelihood of the current plan's success as well as attempts that have been made in the past. He began by drawing a line in the sand with the term "Calexit," flatly refusing to use it, citing its faddishness.

"So we're going with 'Calicut'," Mike offered instead. "This has been proposed a couple times since 1914."

He went on to emphasize that this is not a secession movement:

"I want to be clear: This is not cutting California off the country. It's not turning California into a separate country, which will never happen — even though you may want that to happen," Mike joked.

Slater argued that this idea at this moment in history may have the best chance at succeeding, noting that 78% of Californians are dissatisfied with their government. He also pointed out that it will be marketed as "The Hollywood Elite vs. the People," which should prove to be effective.

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