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ZION News: Gal Gadot set to voice herself on ‘The Simpsons’


Rabbi Shevah’s murderer is killed

Israeli Security Forces have finally ended a month-long manhunt for the suspected killer of Rabbi Raziel Shevach. Palestinian Terrorists killed the Rabbi last month in a bloody drive-by shooting.


Israeli-Arab is prime suspect in stabbing attack

Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal, a father of four was killed in the tragic stabbing, police believe the suspect is a 19-year-old Israeli-Arab who spent time living in Jaffa named Abed Al-Karim Adel-Assi.


Resistance against deportations grows

More than half of Israelis support the Government’s controversial plan to either deport or indefinitely jail nearly forty thousand African men, women and children in the country, some of the world’s top legal expert say the idea is a total violation of human rights, and illegal under international law.


Poland cancels Naftali Bennett’s coming visit

Dr. Emmanuel Navon, Foreign Policy Expert speaking at ILTV Studio about Poland’s decision to cancel a meeting with Israeli Minister, Bennet, in a response to a statement he just released to the Israeli public.


Germany recognizes Algerian Holocaust Survivors

Germany has just officially announced that it will recognize nearly twenty-five thousand Jewish Holocaust Survivors originally from Algeria, many are still alive and live all over the world.


Get the card you deserve with Creditstacks

Elnor Rozenrot, CEO & Co-Founder of Creditstacks speaking at ILTV Studio about the new Israeli credit company that offers cards, even without employment history or SSN.


Israeli athletes head to winter Olympics

“Israel Skeleton,” who’s about to represent the Jewish state in the winter Olympic’s most dangerous event with now the entire Israeli Olympic Delegation, and are heading to South Korea, to compete for the Gold at the 2018 Pyeong-Chang games.


Aye Carumba! Gal Gadot to join the Simpsons!

Israel’s very own Hollywood Mega-Celeb, Gal Gadot, has just announced that she’s all set to appear as a character on the longest-running animated series of all time, ‘The Simpsons’.


Bill Nye is on a science high

The favorite T.V. Scientist Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” has a new series “Bill Nye Saves the World” that takes an exclusive look at how Israel is leading, and healing the world with medical Marijuana.


Make your home smarter in a snap

Yaron Mizrachi, CEO of Homismart speaking at ILTV Studio about the company that created electrical products to automate your smart-home or office.


Kicking Cancer in the butt

A group of Israeli volunteers are taking a very unique approach to kicking cancer in the butt, they’re teaching young patients how to deal with their illness through martial arts.


Hebrew word Of The Day: L’HITRAKEZ | לְהִתְרַכֵּז = TO CONCENTRATE, FOCUS

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "L’Hitrakez" which means "To Concentrate, focus"


The Weather Forecast

Temperatures are expected to continue to rise tonight and tomorrow as the winter heat-wave continues strong. Tonight should have a low of fifty-three, or twelve degrees Celsius, while tomorrow’s high will remain an un-seasonably hot seventy-seven, or twenty-five degrees Celsius.

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