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Brittney Griner takes sabbatical for 'mental health' purposes, but what’s really going on?

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Brittany Griner has had a tough couple of years.

After being detained in a Russian prison for nearly ten months, she was released in December 2022 and returned to the U.S. to continue her professional basketball career.

But things don’t seem to be going so well, especially considering the Phoenix Mercury, the team Griner plays for, is currently 6-18.

While a tough season in the WNBA certainly is better than living in a foreign penitentiary, Griner may be struggling to cope, and she’s not traveling with the team for the next couple of weeks.

“She’s cracking under the pressure,” says Jason Whitlock to Steve Kim.

But what exactly is causing the pressure? Is it performance anxiety? Post-traumatic stress disorder from her days in prison?

Jason and Steve think they have the answer.

Giner’s “victim mentality,” as well as the assertion that the team is “oppressed,” has caused the 6’8” superstar to experience “emotional [and] mental issues,” says Jason.

Add to that the fact that she’s also become “a spokesman for imprisoned people overseas,” and it’s no wonder Griner is taking time off.

Being a top-tier athlete and a social justice warrior is a heavy burden to carry.

“It doesn’t surprise me that she’s cracked, that the team has cracked, that the head coach had to be fired nine [or] ten games into the season – none of this surprises me,” Jason says.

Steve agrees, adding, “being a victim all the time or wallowing in the victim Olympics – that in itself can bring about depression and mental issues.”

“I believe she legitimately has mental health issues because they forced her into a role she’s not meant to play,” Jason says.

"Just let her play basketball."

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