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Jaime Foxx SPEAKS for the first time after prolonged, mysterious illness, but what exactly happened to him remains as clear as mud

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Back in April, Jamie Foxx was hospitalized for unknown reasons, and because the doctors and people who attended him kept his condition air-tight, people have been left with no more than rumors and speculation in his absence.

But Foxx, who thankfully survived whatever ailment afflicted him, has finally ended his sabbatical with a heartfelt video thanking fans for their prayers and well-wishes, doctors and medical staff for their expertise and care, and God for allowing him more time on Earth.

He disproves the rumors that he lost his eyesight and became paralyzed by providing physical demonstrations, and he laughs off the rumors that he was cloned, assuring his audience that he is still the original Jamie Foxx.

But he never outright states the origins of his sudden illness.

He only admits one thing: whatever plagued him felt like “[going] to hell and back.”

So what exactly caused Jamie’s near-death experience?

Many people, including cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, are convinced that Foxx suffered a vaccine injury, but the actor has remained reticent on this topic.

Clearly, “Jamie Foxx doesn’t want to be a polarizing figure in the vaccine debate ... he probably doesn’t want to take on the burden of being in the middle of a very polarizing debate and discussion — I don’t blame him for that,” says Jason Whitlock.

Shemeka Michelle agrees that Foxx doesn’t necessarily owe the public an explanation about whether or not he attributes his sickness to the vaccine, but she expresses hope that he will eventually be more forthcoming.

“I would like for someone to come out who holds some weight in the black community to say, ‘It didn’t work out so well for me,’” she tells Jason.

But Jason isn’t so sure disclosure would be in Foxx’s best interest.

If Foxx expresses distrust in the vaccine, “[he] may need those people down the road” (those people being medical personnel who believe in the infallibility of the vaccine), “and if they don’t like [his] politics ... it could cost [him his] life,” Jason says.

“He’s caught up in the globalist cabal, like everybody else in Hollywood ... he’s not gonna break the code of silence.”

Only time will tell if Jamie Foxx will break his silence about the cause of his illness. To listen to the full conversation, watch the clip below.

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