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Jason Whitlock on why working-class black men plan to vote for Donald Trump

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Fani Willis and the Democrat Party might have thought Donald Trump's mug shot would portray him as a villain to voters — but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

“The backlash of martyring Donald Trump: it’s a real thing,” says Jason Whitlock of "Fearless."

“The former president’s mug shot from a Fulton County jail has given black men the space to abandon the cosplay of painting Trump as the second coming of Adolf Hitler,” he adds.

It seems that Whitlock is right.

Derrick Gibson, a black man and former New York State gubernatorial candidate, has gone viral for declaring himself the leader of the “N****s 4 Trump 2024” movement. The viral video has been circulating on social media and shows Gibson wearing a shirt that reflects that sentiment outside the Fulton County jail the day Trump was arrested.

“I’m here to support president Trump,” Gibson is seen telling the camera, adding that the government has historically made up charges and locked black men up “for decades.”

“So I know Trump is innocent. I support Trump against this corrupt two-tier justice system, that’s why I’m here, to show my support as a black man for Trump,” Gibson explained.

Despite not agreeing with the vulgarity Gibson’s shirt reflects, Whitlock believes he “captures the sentiment of working-class black men.”

However, Whitlock believes it won’t just resonate with black Americans, but all Americans.

“Americans love to rebel. It’s in our blood. This Trump-led rebellion will only grow stronger. I say that because Trump isn’t really leading this rebellion; he’s just the avatar, the symbol,” he says.

Gibson even had a message for Fani Willis, who he claims went to school with his sister.

“She’s full of s**t,” he says. “She’s a puppet for the white liberal that is controlling everything. She’s in front, but the white liberal back there pulling those strings, telling her what to do.”

When a reporter asked Gibson if he thought this would help Trump’s election, he responded, “Of course it is, it’s going to elevate him all the way.”

“I think we should make Trump king, that’s how I feel,” he added.

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