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Kamala Harris 'pandering for black voters' by throwing a HIP-HOP PARTY?!

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Vice President Kamala Harris is not a regular VP, but a cool VP — and she wants you to know it. This past Saturday, donning hot pink pants and a ‘90s-esque neon shirt, Harris threw a party to celebrate a half-century of hip-hop.

Videos of the vice president dancing and mouthing the chorus of Q-Tip’s 1999 smash hit “Vivrant Thing” went viral, and the internet lit up with laughter and criticism.

While Jason Whitlock doesn’t actually mind the dancing at all, he does have a problem with the party itself.

“My problem is more with the vice president of the United States and the White House throwing a party for 50 years of hip-hop. It’s like, did they have one for a hundred years of rock and roll? 50 years of jazz? 60 years of country music?” Whitlock says, adding that he can’t see any other reason other than “pandering for black voters.”

Contributor Shemeka Michelle isn’t a fan at all.

“I hate it. I absolutely hate it, Jason. Simply because it’s so fake, and no, I haven’t seen them do anything for rock and roll or jazz or anything,” Michelle says.

“I think Kamala would be more suitable for something in reference to jazz. She has her pants hiked up right up under her breasts, right up under her nipples,” she continues. “She’s acting like this hip-hop guru when she’s dancing around like Clair Huxtable.”

Lil Wayne was a performer at Harris' hip-hop party, and Michelle isn’t happy about that either, noting that there’s no way Harris understands his song "Mrs. Officer."

“She don’t know nothing about that. I seen her husband; she don’t know a thing about that. Now, if she was mumbling along to Cardi B saying, you know, ‘I want to gag, I want to choke’ — now, maybe not with her husband, with the men that helped her get to where she is — she might know something about that,” Michelle jokes.

Whitlock laughs and agrees that Harris is incredibly inauthentic.

“Kamala Harris and the pandering to black voters is a statement about what they think about us,” he says. “Is it true? Are we that shallow that her dancing to Q-Tip and Hillary Clinton saying she keeps hot sauce in her purse? Are we that silly? Does that move us? Does that make them more relatable?”

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