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Deadspin OUTS ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith as Republican

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Deadspin recently wrote a scathing article on Stephen A. Smith — and it’s really not pretty.

The headline reads, “Stephen A. Smith’s political takes are beyond concerning — they’re dangerous,” and goes on to call Smith a “pseudo mouthpiece” for his Republican friends.

Why? Simply because Smith had recently taken to his own podcast to say that he does not believe Joe Biden is fit for the presidency.

“But there are responsibilities that are far, far, far, more extensive than, let’s say, the typical 9-5 that somebody in their 80s may not need to be doing … I think the presidency is one of them,” Smith said.

It’s a fairly innocuous statement, but Deadspin apparently was infuriated.

The article, written by Carron J. Phillips, grants that it’s Smith’s right to dabble in politics, but that his beliefs reveal who he really is, saying “the revelation feels like Smith wants nothing more than to be a rich white man — and all the privileges that come with it.”

Smith was also smeared by Phillips for an interview with Sean Hannity, during which he said that the world does not respect and fear Joe Biden in the same way it did Donald Trump.

The Deadspin writer added that when you befriend one white male Republican, “you befriend them all.”

Jason Whitlock believes that though Smith is being dragged for his beliefs, he’s only “Republican-light.”

“I just don’t think Stephen A.’s being authentic. I think he’s pretending like Steve says to be political and say provocative things, but he’s really not,” Whitlock says.

“He knows how woke ESPN and Disney are, and so he goes out and plays Republican-light to try and have a more well-rounded audience and to try not to get swept up in Disney’s wokeness,” Whitlock continues.

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