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THIS celebrity just got her license renewed, and let’s just say her trip to the DMV was interesting …

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian puts the D in diva, but her recent jaunt to the DMV to renew her license is even beyond her typical narcissism.

You know how when you visit the DMV, it’s usually a two-hour wait, there’s a 90% chance the person assisting you is rude, and you get one opportunity to take your photo?

Well, that is not the case for Kim Kardashian.

Jason Whitlock plays a clip of Kim’s recent adventure to the magical land of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Not only did the DMV stay open after hours to allow Kim to renew her license without pesky commoners surrounding her, but the agency also allowed her multiple takes until she approved her photo.

Before even taking her picture, Kim’s two stylists adjusted her hair and makeup as special camera lighting was set up.

“Is there any way to save this, do another, and have them side by side?” she asks the DMV associate after seeing the results of her first photo.

“Can you just AirDrop it to us really quickly?” one of her stylists adds.

Thankfully, the DMV didn’t have that technology and these absurd requests went unmet.

Lucky for the DMV employees assisting her, Kim approved take number two and went on her way.

“This is a mental illness,” Jason tells Shemeka Michelle.

“The whole shallowness of this was just silly to me,” says Shemeka, who wisely points out that Kim probably doesn’t even need a license, given that she is chauffeured everywhere she goes.

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