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Tucker Carlson takes a stand for manhood

Tucker Carlson takes a stand for manhood

While Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News was among the highest-rated in America, it wasn’t enough to keep him there.

Tucker recently made his departure from the network and has since announced that he would be taking his show to Twitter.

Jason Whitlock sees this move as a heroic one.

“Carlson took a bullet. He declared war on one of the most powerful people on the planet, Rupert Murdoch, and one of the most powerful establishment media corporations on the planet, Fox News.”

“In conjunction with his announcement,” Whitlock explains, “Carlson’s attorney accused Fox News of fraud and contract breachment over the network’s surprise dismissal of Carlson two weeks ago.”

In Tucker’s announcement, he explained why he was planning to broadcast his show on Twitter.

The biggest reason: It’s the only platform that allows free speech.

Instead of continuing to work in corporate media, Whitlock says, Tucker is “sacrificing his very lucrative career and reputation to speak freely and truthfully.”

“He’s taking a bullet. It’s what men are supposed to do.”

Alex Jones, who like Tucker has been ousted from the mainstream media machine, shared a video explaining what Tucker’s move to Twitter means to America.

“It’s way bigger than Tucker Carlson,” Jones says.

“It’s about the death of cable media, it’s about the death of the establishments, about the death of the intelligence agencies and the censorship and the surveillance.”

Jones continues, “Tucker has 25, 30 million views on the videos he now puts out on Twitter. Five, six times what he had on Fox News. The dinosaurs that fired him miscalculated.”

Jones sees Tucker’s move as one that should bring us hope, saying that “their attempts to silence him have failed, and that just illustrates there’s not just evil in the universe, there’s good as well.”

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