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Exposing BlackRock's ESG HYPOCRISY: This investment is WAY riskier than fossil fuels

The Glenn Beck Podcast

Environmental, social, and governance scores are popping up everywhere, from the biggest banks in America to the largest financial firms in the world, and this will change everything. From high gas prices to the destruction of free speech, we’re already starting to feel its effects. So, Glenn Beck sat down with the man who’s helping to build the resistance. Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy has been hard at work exposing ESG for what it truly is: the biggest scam of the 21st century.

If you want to see how big a scam ESG actually is, Vivek told Glenn, look no further than what BlackRock is doing with China. While BlackRock insists that climate risk is investment risk because of future laws, the company is completely ignoring the actual current risk of investing in Chinese companies.

"I think people could lose a lot of money in the next four years," Vivek warned.

Vivek's first book, “Woke, Inc.,” took on the woke industrial complex, and now he’s launched Strive Asset Management to be a David to the world’s financial Goliaths like BlackRock.

Watch the video clip below to hear Vivek and Glenn break down exactly what ESG is, what’s at stake, and why it’s not too late to stop it.

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