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GLENN BECK: 'Did the CDC use schools to groom YOUR kids?'

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Powerful forces are involved here

The Biden administration told Republican lawmakers who are trying to protect kids from getting put on puberty blockers and getting surgically altered that they were being "put on notice" by the Department of Justice.

There's a reason why the Left thinks they can deny that schools are teaching CRT or comprehensive sexuality education. The entire plan is much larger than just CRT and CSE, and powerful forces are involved here.

"The purpose of a university should be to make a son as unlike his father as possible." - Woodrow Wilson

Institutions we've historically trusted with our families took a wrong turn. Our kids are being brainwashed, and it starts with the content they read, see, and hear as toddlers, and eventually when they throw on their backpacks to go to preschool. The public school system is all but lost. This was the topic Glenn covered on last night's special.

Glenn and his team uncovered the origin of the progressive plan to move from universities straight to kids in K-12. Glenn and his researchers traced back as far as possible and have landed point-blank at the government, through the CDC.

The CDC began studying what they called "Adverse Childhood Experiences." The program looked at various childhood experiences that affected their development and could ultimately result in early death. The listed experiences have evolved.

A graphic from the National Conference of State legislatures seems to sum up what is currently included. Some are:

  • Physical and Emotional Neglect
  • Emotional and Sexual Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Divorce
  • Etc.

But recently, a few more have been added. Things like:

  • Discrimination
  • Community Disruption
  • Lack of Opportunity
  • SOCIAL Capital

Glenn noted that gender identity isn't explicitly mentioned, even though it's currently taught as though it is.

"The idea is clear. Every child can easily be categorized into at least one of their areas of concern. So, the government needed to develop a plan to tailor education in a way that "helps" kids. Because everyone knows that government plans always work perfectly and never have any ulterior motive," Glenn said sarcastically.

The government's solution came directly from the Centers for Disease Control in the form of an education model called Whole School. Whole Community. Whole Child.

"The model began to change the role of schools and teachers into places of therapy. This model is based on the assumption that every child has some issue. The trick was to identify what it was, then push them into one of their little oppressed or oppressor groups," Glenn said.

The model focused on intervening in 10 key areas:

  1. Physical education and activity
  2. Nutrition
  3. Health education
  4. Social and emotional climate
  5. Physical environment
  6. Health services
  7. Counseling, psychological and social services
  8. Employee wellness
  9. Community involvement
  10. Family engagement


You might have heard of a new program from school boards or K-12 schools called Social-Emotional Learning.

A North Carolina school issues a questionnaire to kids as early as kindergarten titled "Gender Support Plan." Children are asked to answer questions like "Student's Assigned Sex at Birth" and "Student's Gender Identity."

According to documents obtained by Education First Alliance, New Hanover County schools in North Carolina are "allowing teachers to hide circumstances where children change their gender at school."

Glenn explained that the questionnaire establishes a point of contact for the student to have people at the school from whom the student can receive counsel regarding their gender identity. It specifies whether the child's family is aware of this and what the school should do if the parents aren't aware and are "supportive."

"Teachers are actively discussing gender identity with kids as early as 5 years old," Glenn explained. "They keep it a secret from their parents as part of the plan."

Do not be foolish enough to assume that you live in a "safe state," either. Texas is generally considered the "the Bible Belt," but you won't believe what is happening in Austin.

The Austin Independent School District believes: "That Social Emotional Learning is at the heart of equity-centered systems and structures. To grow this belief into a reality, the SEL and Cultural Proficiency and Inclusiveness department has adopted a new statement of purpose for our work together."

Leftist Yuval Noah Harari says there will be no genders in 50 years, and he touts "re-engineering bodies, brains, and minds," which is what this whole issue is really about. Glenn explained that at the heart of CSE, the government and, of course, the World Economic Forum have developed and are now implementing programs to alter the minds of future generations.

Watch the clip for more details. Catch the full episode here.

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