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Here's ALL THE EVIDENCE you need to kick Biden out of office

Here's ALL THE EVIDENCE you need to kick Biden out of office

According to the Constitution, a president may be impeached if he’s involved in treason, bribery, or high crimes and misdemeanors.

Mark Levin believes it’s time we take the Constitution’s advice and impeach Joe Biden.

“Let’s look at this in the context of Joe Biden. Let’s start with the Constitution,” says Levin, who believes the president has violated the Impeachment Clause of the Constitution.

The president took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the law. Levin thinks he’s done everything but that.

“So we have all these laws dealing with immigration, to secure the country, to protect the people, to determine how people come here, who comes here, under what circumstances they come here. Joe Biden has blown out every single one of those immigration laws,” Levin explains.

While the inhumane consequences at the border are themselves egregious, Biden has not upheld federal immigration laws.

“He has destroyed the federal immigration system. That would be a basis for an impeachment article to be considered for impeachment,” Levin says.

“This is in essence a political crime or a constitutional crime, if you will, against the body politic.”

He also believes that Joe Biden’s “circumventing a Supreme Court decision” that said he does not have the authority to forgive student loans “clearly undermines Congress’ power under the Constitution.”

And defying a Supreme Court ruling is an impeachable offense.

“And violation of separation of powers, of course that should be an article that should be considered as an impeachable offense. That is a political crime or a constitutional crime against the body politic,” Levin adds, saying this is "a pattern."

“His family had introductions to enemy states, and some allies, to front corporations, from which his family benefited to the tune of anywhere from $30 million to $50 million,” he continues.

“There’s simply no question that it not only is worthy of an impeachment inquiry; in my view it’s worthy of an impeachment trial.”

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