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'This is how you DESTROY an economy': Mark Levin torches Democrats' massive infrastructure bill


Over and over again, we learn the hard way as a result of the Democratic Party

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This week, Mark Levin launched a brand new series called "Mark's Short Takes" exclusively on BlazeTV. His first short take is on the Democrats' love affair with the mighty U.S. dollar — they've never met one they didn't want to spend.

Last week, Democrats confiscated $1.9 trillion of your children's and grandchildren's money on a partisan COVID-19 "stimulus" package. Last year, they piled on $4.1 trillion in debt to prevent the economy from collapsing as blue state governors shuttered their businesses. Now, as an infrastructure stimulus looms, Levin is sounding the alarm, saying our nation faces "fiscal suicide" at the hands of the Democratic Party.

"In 18 months' time, we have spent, or have obligated for spending, $16.5 trillion," Levin exclaimed. "And what's coming next? Two more trillion, we're told, in infrastructure. And the Republicans are saying the Democrats are going to spend a tiny percent on infrastructure and load it up with yet more new entitlements, new programs, [and] new spending ... and they pretend they're going to pay for it. How are they going to pay for it? Massive tax increases on corporations, which means everything you buy is going to go up. Which also means, if they can't turn a profit they're going to fire people. Incredible."

"What will happen, we know from the past, is that those things will go overseas," he added. "Over and over again, we learn the hard way as a result of the Democrat Party, don't we? Massive tax increases on the productive sector, massive tax increases on capital investment and research, massive redistribution of wealth to the lowest levels of our economy. This is how you destroy an economy. This is how you destroy opportunity and wealth. This is how you create massive inflation."

Watch the video below for more from Mark Levin:

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