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Levin: THIS is how Democrats are getting around the Constitution

Levin: THIS is how Democrats are getting around the Constitution

The best way to try to prevent tyranny is to divide the power.

That’s why judicial, legislative, and executive each have their own branches within the United States government.

And as Mark Levin says, “That’s why the delineation of the authority as best as they could under each one of those branches is spelled out in the most fabulous governing document in the history of man: the United States Constitution.”

“Everything I just told you was rejected by the Democrat Party,” Levin says.

“If you’re trying to put together an autocratic centralized regime, you’ve got to get around the Constitution. And today, you’ve got to get around the Constitution if you want to implement the Marxist agenda,” he adds.

According to Levin, Joe Biden himself repeats Marxist phrases.

“Joe Biden is a very stupid and sick man, but he knows how to repeat phrases. When he says, ‘Bottom up and middle out,’ what he’s trying to say is ‘I want you to follow bottom up and middle out, but we’re not really about bottom up and middle out,’” Levin explains.

Marx did not use the same phrasing, but he did talk about the same thing.

“Marx talked about bottom up and middle out without using those phrases. It was called the proletariat that was going to overthrow the management and executive class, as he would call it,” Levin adds.

When you look at the Democrat Party through the same lens as dictators and philosophers past, it all starts to make sense.

“They’re repulsive, they’re unconscionable,” Levin says. “The Democrat Party projects onto the Republican Party everything it’s done to this country. From racism to anti-Semitism to economic dislocation and on and on and on.”

Levin believes the only thing standing in the way of their all-out takeover is the Constitution.

“The Democrat Party hates the country. It’s trying to destroy our constitutional system,” he says. “It’s all about power.”

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