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WATCH: Mark Levin RIPS 'hateful' media for blaming every coronavirus death on Trump


'It's absolutely disgusting'

Image source: BlazeTV video screenshot

BlazeTV host Mark Levin compared Australia's balanced reporting on the coronavirus pandemic to the left-wing media's reporting in America on a recent episode of "LevinTV." He argued that the American mainstream media is poised to blame President Donald Trump for every death that can be linked to COVID-19, especially once the economy starts to open up again.

"Our media is so hateful to Trump, so driven by fundamental transformation, they want centralized government. They want an all-powerful president and they want Trump to be the one to pave these roads, and then push him out," Levin said.

"The media are poised. If one additional human being passes away as a result of opening the economy, from the virus, they're going to blame the president," he continued. "And anybody who passes away as a result of something else but has the coronavirus, they'll try to tag the president with that. It's absolutely disgusting."

Watch the video below to hear more from "the Great One" — Mark Levin:

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