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Reasons why Mitch McConnell needs to GO (besides the fact that he's 627 years old)


Some Republicans might make excuses for Mitch McConnell, but Mark Levin is not one of them.

“He cost us the Senate last election time, spent millions defeating conservatives. He undermined the Tea Party in 2010, did everything he could to them. He came out just the other day and told McCarthy, you know, you need to tap the brakes here when it comes to impeaching Joe Biden,” Levin explains.

Levin also notes that McCarthy and Biden go back decades and both have connections in China.

“Both families have made a fortune off Communist China, it’s the truth. Communist China owns a lot of Washington folks,” he says.

While Levin believes that the conservative movement is the only movement that cares about protecting our republic, McConnell is doing his best to constantly undermine it.

“He’s a bad dude. He got his wife an appointment at the Transportation Department. His family has a cozy deal with the Communist Party regime in China to move freight by ships.”

Levin isn’t alone in his criticism.

In a recent video of McConnell speaking to an audience, the crowd chants “lost the Senate” and “resign.” McConnell continues with his speech, acting as though he can’t hear the disapproving crowd.

“Notice he just talks through it like it’s no big deal. Because in Washington, now he’s in Kentucky, but in Washington they dismiss people like you and me. We’re just a loudmouth bunch of raunchy, you know, extremists,” Levin says.

While that’s what the Washington elitists might believe, Levin knows that’s not what the crowd is.

“We are the Republican Party,” he says defiantly.

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