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'Democracy is NOT anarchy': Mark Levin dismantles Stacey Abrams' push to overhaul US elections


It's for power as they seek to destroy the electoral system and the practices that have worked in the past

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When former Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams ran for governor of Georgia and lost, many Democrats cried foul, claiming "voter suppression" cost her the election. Ever since, she's worked tirelessly to undermine voter integrity in the state of Georgia and across the nation, BlazeTV host Mark Levin argued on a recent episode of "LevinTV."

The mainstays of voter confidence — voter ID, verifiable addresses, notarized signatures and in-person voting — have all been cast aside under the guise of the pandemic and civil rights. Now, Abrams and the Democrats want to impose a centralized voting system on the nation. And it isn't for fairness. It's for power as they seek to destroy the electoral system and the practices that have worked in the past.

Levin played a video clip of Abrams speaking with CNN's Anderson Cooper about a Supreme Court case she claims is about Republican "attempts to roll back the right to vote." She goes on to accuse the GOP of "rigging the election system" to benefit their candidate and "preserve their ability to win."

"It's not rolling back voting rights," Levin asserted. "Whose vote is being taken away? Because if someone's vote is actually being taken from them, they have a federal civil rights lawsuit. How many federal civil rights lawsuits are there, or even class action lawsuits, because someone is being denied the right to vote? That's not what we're talking about here."

In the clip, Abrams goes on to advocate a centralized voting system by invoking the January 6 attack on the Capitol building, which she called an "insurrection" and a "challenge to our democracy."

"First of all, what does that have to do with voting?" Levin asked. "And number two, there was no 'insurrection.' There was a violent attack on the Capitol building, where people are being punished and should be punished."

Levin also recalled the series of violent attacks in the late 1960's and early 1970's carried out by a radical left-wing group called the Weather Underground. On March 1, 1971, members of the Weather Underground bombed the Capitol building. In addition, the group attacked the Pentagon and New York Police Department headquarters, among others. Former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have pardoned several former Weather Underground members.

"Tyranny comes in many forms ... it can be fools, militants, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Proud Boys, white supremacists, attacking court houses, attacking the White house, attacking the Capitol building. All of it is to be denounced. But let's not pretend this was an insurrection. This is how we know [Abrams] is so dishonest," Levin continued.

"That has nothing to do with solidifying democracy. Democracy is not anarchy," he added. "Democracy is not anarchy ... remember the Cloward and Piven [strategy to Socialism and Communism] ... overload the system, collapse the system, blame the system, then take control."

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