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Will Ukraine’s daring special ops insurgency SABOTAGE Putin’s illegal invasion?


While Putin is being celebrated by some members of the right, Mark Levin believes they’re absolutely misguided.

And according to him, those who do support Putin might as well have supported the KGB.

“Putin’s KGB colonel — and he was a vile, vicious, murdering colonel when he was the KGB colonel,” Levin says.

“He’s no better than all the rest of the bastards who slaughter people.”

However, while many see Russia as the superpower obliterating the much smaller underdog that is Ukraine, Ukraine is apparently wreaking “havoc in Russia.”

In early August, a team of Ukrainian commandos stormed the Russian side of the Dnipro River and took 16 men, including a senior officer, prisoner. While it’s believed to have major implications for Ukraine’s counteroffensive, it’s not the first time this has happened.

Kiev’s men have been waging a 10-month secret campaign for control over the watery front lines, which is proving to be vital for a Ukrainian win.

In an investigative piece by the Daily Mail, it is said that while “nobody expects the battle for the Dnipro to end the war in Ukraine,” it could, however, “prove to be the beginning of the end. Not just for Russia’s invasion, but for Putin’s occupation of Crimea and perhaps even for Putin himself.”

“And of course,” Levin notes, “they’re doing all this without an air force. And imagine what they could do with an air force.”

“They’ve been waiting for these F-16s forever. Poland wanted to give them their F-16s, Romania wanted to give them their F-16s. Not a lot in number but enough to at least help,” he adds.

When the Ukrainians were offered the jets of other countries that claimed they would then buy their own from the United States, Biden refused.

Now, Biden is talking about selling Ukraine some.

“But it takes six months to train up a pilot,” Levin says, noting that if we weren’t responding so late, “the Ukrainians can actually defeat the Russians in Ukraine and push them back.”

“There are people who do not want the Ukrainians to win. They don’t mind if they keep fighting and dying; they just don’t want them to win. And that turns my stomach,” he adds.

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