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Ilhan Omar peddles same tired lie about 'Trump defending white supremacists' at a Bernie Sanders Rally in Minnesota
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Ilhan Omar peddles same tired lie about 'Trump defending white supremacists' at a Bernie Sanders Rally in Minnesota

On Tuesday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat played a video of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) speaking at a Bernie Sanders rally.

Omar spoke in support of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) at his rally Sunday in Minneapolis, where she perpetuated a lie about President Trump defending members of a white supremacist group.

According to Omar, following the deadly "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, President Trump defended protesters who later pleaded guilty to federal rioting charges. Omar continues to perpetuate the lie that Trump called some of the protesters "very fine people."

Here is full exchange as reported by Politifact:

"Trump: "Excuse me, excuse me. They didn't put themselves -- and you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. You had people in that group. Excuse me, excuse me. I saw the same pictures as you did. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name."

Reporter: "George Washington and Robert E. Lee are not the same."

Trump: "George Washington was a slave owner. Was George Washington a slave owner? So will George Washington now lose his status? Are we going to take down -- excuse me, are we going to take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson? What do you think of Thomas Jefferson? You like him?"

Reporter: "I do love Thomas Jefferson."

Trump: "Okay, good. Are we going to take down the statue? Because he was a major slave owner. Now, are we going to take down his statue?"So you know what, it's fine. You're changing history. You're changing culture. And you had people -- and I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists -- because they should be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Okay? And the press has treated them absolutely unfairly."
Now, in the other group also, you had some fine people. But you also had troublemakers, and you see them come with the black outfits and with the helmets, and with the baseball bats. You had a lot of bad people in the other group."

Pat asserted that Antifa, wearing the black outfits, was present when protests erupted into riots in Charlottesville, so the Antifa people were stirring things up as much as the neo-Nazis.

Watch the video below for more details.

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