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Kirk Cameron exposes Scholastic Books as 'the head of the snake' when it comes it sexually explicit children’s books

Kirk Cameron exposes Scholastic Books as 'the head of the snake' when it comes it sexually explicit children’s books

Many adults look back fondly on the days when the Scholastic book fair came to their elementary schools. Lines of squirrelly, excited kids filed into the school library to purchase scented erasers, decorative pens and pencils, games and puzzles, baby animal posters, and, of course, books.

But those days of childhood innocence are seemingly over.

Actor, television host, and evangelist Kirk Cameron joins Pat Gray to discuss the disturbing content Scholastic Books now sells and promotes to children.

“How do these books with sexually explicit, pornographic, gender-bending, confusing, critical race theory-infused books get into these public libraries and public schools for children? ... Who is it?” asks Cameron.

“We found the wolf in the sheep's clothing – Scholastic books,” he reveals, adding that the billion-dollar conglomerate is “the world's largest producer of children's material, and they're lacing their pages with pornographic, obscene material that even Facebook will not allow [people] to post in the feed because it violates their obscenity laws … for adults.”

Cameron uses the book “Welcome to St. Hell,” which is “marketed to 8- to 12-year-olds – that's second-graders to sixth-graders” as just one example.

“In it is nudity, sex acts, girls with their hands down other girls' pants showing their pubic hair, and an instruction manual on how to use hormones to turn your female sex instruments into a hairy two-inch willy,” explains Cameron, saying that he’s “not using hyperbole.”

“This stuff is being pumped into your kids through the libraries and the public school system, and not just that, but they're grooming your littles to explore the world of drag … while they teach your children how to clear internet history searches and hide this from you so that they can essentially disciple your children in the way of Karl Marx and secular humanism,” he continues.

What’s perhaps even more terrifying is the reality that the United States, which was founded on “a set of Judeo-Christian values that says God gives kids to parents,” is quickly shifting toward a mindset similar to that of China and North Korea, where the state is the prime authority over what children are taught.

But we’re afraid the bad news doesn’t end there.

“When you look at … the biggest shareholders of this publicly traded company, Scholastic, guess who it is,” says Cameron. “BlackRock and Vanguard.”

“So the ESG [and] DEI is all coming down from the ginormous companies, and … the effect is you sexualize children, you separate them from their parents, and that’s the goal. Hitler said it. He said, ‘I don't care if you disagree with my ideologies; I have your children in my schools, and in 40 years, you'll be gone, and this is the only community they'll ever have known,” he explains.

“The good news is we still have enough liberty in this country to read books to our children, pull them out of government indoctrination camps, educate them, teach them about the Constitution and the values that lead to their blessing,” Cameron encourages.

And there’s more good news.

“We've replaced the monopoly that Scholastic has with SkyTree Book Fairs,” says Cameron, which is “a nonprofit I've partnered with” that carries only “great books for kids.”

Already over “700 public schools and private schools” are “replacing Scholastic Book Fairs with SkyTree Book Fairs,” he reports.

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