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SHOCKING: Homeowner is ARRESTED for trying to evict squatters

Pat Gray Unleashed

If a squatter is defined as “a person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited building or unused land,” why do squatters have more freedom than homeowners who lawfully purchase property?

While it seems utterly ludicrous and illogical on every level, that’s unfortunately what’s happening all over the country.

“So a homeowner stopped by to check on his suburban-Atlanta property, only to be arrested for trespassing,” reports Pat Gray.

To make matters worse, this homeowner, Tim Arco, “encountered a stranger waving a gun in his face ... a prostitute, a bunch of dogs in the back, [and his] fence broken down.”

“After dialing 9-1-1 to report the intrusion, Arco was astonished to find himself being arrested and taken into police custody.”

But it gets even worse — this incident occurred six months ago. The squatters are still living on Arco’s property, despite the fact that two people have now died from drug overdose inside the residence.

And yet somehow, it gets even worse.

“Code enforcement has even cited Arco, the property owner, for not properly maintaining the house he legally can't access!” Pat exclaims in utter disbelief.

“That this can happen in America is unconscionable,” he says, adding “for some reason the homeowners have virtually no rights in these matters.”

After months of court battles, Arco has finally been told that he will regain his property — at some point. Unfortunately, an eviction has still not happened.

And while we wish Arco’s situation were an isolated incident, it’s unfortunately one of many.

Pat reads the story of Dahlia Dower, a U.S. Army officer who returned from active duty to find her $500,000 home inhabited by a squatter with “gun, drug, and theft charges.”

Dower was told by law enforcement that they could not evict the squatter, as the situation was a “civil matter.”

“Had I not been serving my country, I would have been in my home,” Dower said.

“I am so angry for these homeowners,” adds Keith.

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