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Texas changed this ridiculous law as the state prepares for summer blackouts

Pat Gray Unleashed

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For decades, Texas was the gold standard for reliable energy. Since the catastrophic 2021 ice storm hit, Texans have expressed significant concerns about the power grid's ability to meet the demand.

Jacki Daily joined "Pat Gray Unleashed" and spoke with Pat about the current risk of summer blackouts throughout the country. Jacki also provided insight into the mismanagement of energy in February 2021, when the state implemented rolling blackouts to meet energy demands.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott made an interesting admission recently. In Texas, like most states, it is illegal to cut off the power in the middle of a power outage to hospitals, police departments, fire departments, and downtowns. Until recently, when there were rolling power outages, it was legal to cut the power to power plants.

"It was perfectly fine to cut power, power plants that we rely on to keep us alive in the middle of a storm," Jacki said, adding that the law has since been fixed.

"So you've been following the energy situation, and all of the west and much of the midwest is at risk?" Pat asked. "We're hearing about summer blackouts from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)."

Jacki explained that it is ERCOT's job to make sure we have all the power we need statewide.

"And are we going to have all the power we need?" Pat asked. According to Jacki, ERCOT has made it clear that Texas will not have the power needed.

"I can say that conclusively," Jacki explained. "Last weekend, we received warnings from ERCOT that said not to usedishwashers, clothes dryers, and clothes washers between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Also,do not move your thermostat below 78 degrees," she added.

ERCOT says that the current energy situation is a result of high demand, but Jacki has a different take.

Watch the clip for more helpful information about what to expect this summer. Download the podcast here.

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