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WATCH: After meeting with President Trump to discuss border security, Pat calls Chuck Schumer a 'waste of skin'

Pat Gray Unleashed

President Donald Trump met with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday for a discussion about securing the U.S.-Mexico border but the meeting quickly degraded to a spectacle.

Host Pat Gray and producer Keith Malinak highlighted the spectacle on Wednesday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed."

Trump began by stressing his concern with the state of security at the U.S.- Mexico border, asserting that building a wall is "a part of border security."

He later added, "We can't have border security without the wall."

Predictably, Pelosi interjected to counter — taking the exact opposite stance on the issue — and called Trump's wall a "political promise" rather than a way to achieve border security.

Sitting across from Pelosi, Schumer jumped in to add that "experts" have determined a wall to be "wasteful" and an "unnecessary" solution.

At the request of the president, the media joined the meeting, and neither Pelosi nor Schumer were particularly thrilled.

Addressing the media, Pelosi expressed her disapproval of having the "wall" discussion in the public eye and preferred to speak to the president in private. With conviction, Trump retorted, "It's called transparency."

"It's not transparency when we are not stipulated to a set of facts and have a debate with you [Trump] saying to the public that something isn't true," Pelosi replied.

Trump emphatically explained that a wall is an important part of border security and said he will shut the government down until the border is secure.

Pat added that Israel built a fence making them 99 percent safer from foreign threats to its security.

The meeting continued to degrade as Pelosi began telling the cameras — rather than speaking to the president — that their conversation deserved privacy so that the facts could be disputed "without being mischaracterized by anyone."

Pat summarized the spectacle and called Nancy Pelosi "despicable" and Chuck Schumer "a waste of skin."

Watch the clip above.

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