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Chrissy Teigen rents a womb?

Chrissy Teigen rents a womb?

Just months after Chrissy Teigen gave birth to her third child, the star has revealed she “had” another baby via surrogate.

A couple of years earlier, Teigen had miscarried and tragically lost her baby.

“That’s the worst pain really that I can even imagine as a parent,” Allie Beth Stuckey says sympathetically.

Teigen explained that the idea of surrogacy came from that loss, saying that after losing her baby Jack, she was unsure she’d be able to carry any more babies on her own.

Teigen and her husband reached out to a surrogacy agency before they knew she was pregnant again.

Stuckey, while sympathetic to what Tiegen has been through, does not view the surrogacy as a good thing.

“The fact of the matter is that surrogacy is still the exploitation of female bodies. It is still prioritizing the wants of adults over the well-being of children.”

“There is a bond that is created between the child and his mother, or the woman carrying him during gestation,” Stuckey continues. “He feels her heartbeat, knows her smell, knows the sights and sounds of the life that she is creating around her.”

Stuckey believes surrogacy betrays the primal instinct of the child, who wants to attach himself to the woman who carried him.

“I don’t think that we even put any thought into the psychological, mental, emotional, physical well-being of a child who is created in this way and then gestated in this way and then given to people who, as far as the child knows, are strangers.”

While Teigen used her own eggs, Stuckey notes that in many cases, you have to use another woman’s eggs.

“You have to buy the eggs of one woman, rent the womb of another woman, as you do when it’s two men going through the surrogacy process — and then you take that child away not just from the biological mother who sold her eggs, not just from the woman who gestated the child with the womb that was rented, but you also take that child away from the possibility of ever having a mother at all.”

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