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Is the FBI BLACKMAILING whistleblower doctor who exposed Texas Children's Hospital for performing illegal gender modification procedures on minors?

Is the FBI BLACKMAILING whistleblower doctor who exposed Texas Children's Hospital for performing illegal gender modification procedures on minors?

When Eithan Haim became a doctor, he took the Hippocratic Oath very seriously. That unwavering commitment to ethics, however, landed him in hot water when he exposed Texas Children's Hospital for secretly continuing gender modification procedures on minors following Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton’s decree that such procedures would be considered child abuse.

Not only does Dr. Haim now face four indictments related to violating HIPAA, but the FBI is now targeting him for being a whistleblower.

“I read that the feds leaked your identity as the whistleblower initially to trans activists who began ... defaming you and threatening you online. Is that true?” asks Sara Gonzales.

“We have a very, very high degree of suspicion that that is the case,” Dr. Haim confirms, “and the reason is because [the FBI] showed up to my home on June 23, 2023,” and “about a week later, I started getting reviews on these doctor websites — WebMD, vitals.com, Google — that were accusing me crimes like mutilating patients, sexual abuse, all this crazy stuff.”

The specific language used in the online reviews struck Dr. Haim as odd because as the chief resident at that time, he was mostly focused on performing surgeries rather than talking with patients.

Then he started putting two and two together.

“I was the anonymous source also in a story that was released by Christopher Rufo on June 21 — completely separate from the whistleblowing story a month before — and he just wanted some of my perspectives on the transgender thing,” Haim explains.

Well, the story blew up — so much so that even Elon Musk and J.K. Rowling retweeted it. Dr. Haim should have been safe from the woke mob, however, considering he was an anonymous source.

Haim then noticed something peculiar: The people leaving nasty, accusatory reviews were using “the same exact language from [Rufo’s] article.”

“We hired a bunch of ex-Navy SEALs who were tech guys, and we subpoenaed WebMD, and we got the IP address. It was all the same IP address — every single one,” Haim tells Sara, whose jaw is on the floor.

“Then we got these Navy SEAL guys to localize it to one specific address, which we're currently working on delineating further, but there are certain roadblocks in the way that might indicate it is coming from a certain building that has special security,” he explains.

“This was all an inside job. These reviews came from the inside,” says Sara, asking whether there were “any other aggressive tactics” used against him.

“The most aggressive tactic is charging me with four federal felonies and trying to put me in prison for 10 years for charges that are as disconnected from reality as the interventions they're trying to cover up,” is Haim’s answer.

To hear the rest of the story, check out the clip below.

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